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Sign up too serve in the Kitchen and Dining hall today!!

Camp is only 1 week away. Are you ready to share and create your story? Part of our story is serving together. Here is a link to the sign up sheet for the kitchen, dining hall, and dish room needs. Please sign up for a few times to serve or wash dishes. It helps the camp run smoothly and give you an opportunity to get to know others. If your church has committed to a meal, please fill in each persons name, or put your church name in the slots. (If you have 10 spots that you will be covering as a church, just put your churches name in ten slots. Contact the office if you ned help with this. It is the first time for us to use this system to fill the needs.

You will need to scroll down the page to find the lunch and dinner needs.  Thank you in advance!!

Serve/share your legacy

Tuesday Noon Fast

On Tuesday of Camp, the prayer team is calling us to a fast.  There will still be foodservice for those who choose not to fast.  There will be a sign up sheet beginning Saturday morning for you to use to let the kitchen staff know how many may not be coming through the lunch line.   I – (Jeremy) strongly encourage you to participate and pray that Gods presence will be evident and that lives will be changed through the ministry of the teaching team that we have in the various camps.

Missions Day Speaker

Our Missions Day Speaker is Mick Veach not John Vermilya as listed in the brochure.  This was an oversight while editing the brochure.   We are sorry for any confusion that this may cause. Click Mick Veach above for a link to his information.

Sunbeam Parade Update

We have found a typo in the brochure.  The Sunbeam Parade is on Friday August 11 after afternoon sessions.  Typically around 2:30.  Please plan on cheering for the kids as they make a loop around the grounds on their bikes and in costumes.

Countdown to Camp!