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Hello All, Camp Meeting is just a few days away.  We are looking forward with anticipation to what God wants to continue to do in our lives.  Out theme this year is “Jubilee.”  there is reason to celebrate  because of the freedom from the debt of sin that we can find, only in Jesus Christ. We will not be printing the Ripples this year, watch the camp meeting page or the Roxbury Holiness Camp facebook page for daily blogs and updates. There will be a few BIG announcements that you will not want to miss. Pray that God will ready YOU for hearing His voice this week.
Friday Ripples

Friday Night Highlights.

  • Dinner tonight was walking taco’s.  They got rave reviews.
  • The McCrary family did a beautiful job starting off the camp with excellent praise and worship.
  • The Native American singing duo, Sayani, performed a lovely duet during the offertory.

Sermon Summary.

For the evening service, Tony Rohrer brought a powerful message to begin the camp meeting. Tony brought three things for his first message that the Lord had laid on his heart to share: 1.) To have a change in mindset – Instead of asking, “How will I be ministered to this week,” develop a mindset that says, “Lord, WHO do You want me to minister to this week?” We are called to not simply go to church, but rather to BE the church. 2.) To be rid of distractions – Make it your goal to detach from social media for the duration of this camp meeting. Be intentional in the future about face-to-face interactions so that the people in your life will know that they are valued by you. 3.) To not just pray, but to REALLY PRAY – When someone asks you to pray for them, instead of saying “I will be praying for you'” and proceed to walk away and forget about it. Pray for that person in the moment that they ask for prayer.  Pastor Tony ended the night by leading the congregation in the A.C.T.S. method of prayer. This is an acronym for: A – Adoration – Turning our gaze to Jesus and giving Him praise. C – Confession – Confessing our sinful actions and wrongdoings and acknowledging our need for his grace and forgiveness. T – Thanksgiving – Giving thanks for all of the blessings that God has poured out upon us. S – Supplication – Lifting up ourselves and others before God.

Saturday Menu.

Breakfast:  French Toast, Sausage, Hot/Cold cereal, and Cantaloup.

Lunch:  Oven Chicken, rice, corn on the cob, pears and cake

Dinner:  Meatball sub, mozzarella cheese, bread and butter, pickle, chips and a cookie

Saturday Ripples

Saturday Highlights.

  • Camp has officially begun!!!
  • Blane Lougheed spoke briefly on the biblical context of jubilee in the morning service. He also shared his personal testimony of how God has used sickness and healing in his life to minister to others.
  • The Native American singing duo Sayani gave a lovely performance this afternoon at the tabernacle.

Whats Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

August 6th: Morning Session attendance 49, Afternoon  39

    In Saturday’s morning session, our speaker for the week, Jay Trainer introduced himself and spoke on “Pride Will Fall”.  He used Genesis chapter 3:1-13 to show pride’s pathway. It starts with questioning (verse 1: “Did God actually say…”). Then it casts doubt (verse 4: “You will not surely die…”). After doubt, it promises delight (verse 6: “a delight to the eyes…”). Next, it promotes demise (verse 8:they “hid themselves…”). Lastly, it blames others (verse 13: “The serpent deceived me…”). We need to tell pride and Satan “you shall not pass here!” When something comes along questioning God’s call and authority, don’t engage it.For pride says “I can handle it,” but then it masters you by stealing your joyand connection with God.

     In the afternoon session, we broke into small groups to talk more about pride and submission, using the example of the proud Pharisees in Matthew23:1-12. Sometimes we aren’t always focused on wanting to please God or to honor other people. We want to make sure that we are the focus and the attention of whatever we are involved with in life. In the process of being made for so much more, let’s put a stake in the ground and declare that what matters most is what is happening in our hearts. It’s time to submit, it’s time to surrender!

Jr. High Camp

Attendance – Morning: 58 students / Afternoon: 61 students This morning we kicked off our jr high camp with some amazing worship from OCU, upfront games, and then broke out for some fun group games lead by OCU. We had  58 students and roughly 30 bikes.     This afternoon we came back for some funny videos, and rocking worship from our friends at OCU. We then had our speaker, Allen Robinson, kick off our theme for the week “I Believe.” Allen shared about how we have a new life in Christ and the call to let the old life die. 

Sunbeam Camp

Today’s Offering:               Boys: $ 44.52    Girls: $ 51.43 Total To Date:                    Boys: $ 44.52      Girls: $ 51.43 Grand Total To Date:   $ 95.95 Offering Project: NETwork Ministries Offering Goal: $6,000.00 Today’s Attendance:         AM: 120             PM: 122 Welcome Sunbeam 2016! We’ve been looking forward to this camp since Sunbeam 2015 ended! Our theme is “The Ride of Our Lives!” – and we’re off to a speedy start exploring how much Jesus wants to be part of our own life adventure. We are featuring the 10 Commandments as our vehicle operation manual and the Bible as our map. We’ll be studying people in the Bible and times since and the choices they made on their journeys. We’ve already begun learning songs and enjoying exciting activities and lessons. There’s so much in store for Sunbeam 2016 and we’re an energetic group of Sunbeam campers!

Sermon Notes.

Camp director Jeremy Spears gave a compelling message on the topic of freedom in Christ. To explore his topic in more depth, he shared the message of the gospel in four parts: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration. Creation –  God created us for specific purposes; to have a relationship with Him, to replenish the earth, to rule over creation, but most of all, to bring Him glory. Fall – However, because of the sin of one man, all of mankind has fallen away from the purpose that God created us for. Redemption – God loves us too much to see us not fulfill that purpose. He desires to redeem us! Just as people who have a passion for restoring cars can see the value in an old clunker, God continues to see our value in spite of how broken we may be. Restoration – But God doesn’t redeem us to leave us there, He redeems us to restore us! He restores us so that we may live out His purpose for us. He also restores us so that we may in turn restore others (Galatians 6:1). At the end of the service, Pastor Jeremy revealed to the congregation that all debt for Roxbury camp had been paid in full as of today. Thank You Lord for this incredible blessing!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the camp staff set off fireworks after the service for all to enjoy.

Saturday Menu.

Breakfast:  French Toast, Sausage, Hot/Cold cereal, and Cantaloup.

Lunch:  Oven Chicken, rice, corn on the cob, pears and cake

Dinner:  Meatball sub, mozzarella cheese, bread and butter, pickle, chips and a cookie

Sunday Ripples

Sunday Highlights.

  • The Collingsworth family put on a beautiful concert this afternoon.

Whats Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

Teen camp Sunday Morning attendance: 69 Today’s talk by our speaker Jay Trainer was titled “The Selfie away”. (In 2015 there were more deaths by selfies than by sharks). The message by culture is to do what’s best for us. We go with what’s popular, what’s trending, and serve the feel-good experience that we crave in our lives. We look into our own interest instead of what’s good spiritually for everyone. But God has something much better if we put him first instead of our own interests. Ephesians 3:20-21 tells us that God “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” He used Jonah to explain the “Selfie Way”: 1. The Setting: Jonah is given the opportunity to serve God. Likewise, God gives us the opportunity to serve him, but we let our own interest (selfie) get in the way. 2. The Storm is costly: Jonah’s delay in going to Nineveh effected the people there because there was a delay in their redemption. It affected the sailors on the ship because they had to throw away all their cargo and belongings. And it affected Jonah because he fell asleep spiritually. Likewise, when we take the selfie way instead of God’s way, it not only denies us of what God has for us, but it hurts others too.  3. The Sacrifice: Jonah was thrown over board. What are we giving up when we take the selfie way instead of God’s way. 4. The solution: Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of a fish, where he had time to think and repent. The solution for us is God’s grace. He will always give us another chance to go where he intended us to go and experience the blessing of being used how he intended us to be used for his kingdom. There was no afternoon session, but the teens were given an “AMOK (A Melee Of Kindness) Scavenger Hunt to complete for the day.

Jr. High Camp

Last night we had around 40 students  for a fun movie night with popcorn and snacks.  

Today in our 1st session we talked about how Satan entices us and causes us to be trapped in sin. But God has freed us from our sin and gives us a way out from falling into temptations. It is reason we can rejoice over God’s victory over sin. Psalm 38:12 And Galatians 6:7. We had 68 students

2 session was about how sin binds us and keeps us from serving And keeps us from leading people to christ. Romans 6:12-14 we are no longer slaves to sin, but have been freed by God. We had 68 students.


Today’s Offering:               Boys: $ 78.42    Girls: $ 53.00 Total To Date:                    Boys: $ 122.94    Girls: $ 104.43 Grand Total To Date:   $ 227.37 Offering Project: NETwork Ministries Offering Goal: $6,000.00 Today’s Attendance:         AM: 195             PM: 126   Day 2 – …imagine the beauty of hearty sweet voices singing Ten!, a favorite Sunbeam song, as they arrive for session – before the session even begins… this is how Sunday in Sunbeam began! We were visited today by NETwork staff members to introduce us to their ministry and by Mr John Geib for safety information. We have already learned the 1st 5 of the 10 Commandments and explored Bible stories that go with the commandments. We are enjoying our chapter story Rainbow Garden. Ask a Sunbeamer what Bible stories they heard today.

Sermon Summary.

Pastor Tony Rohrer brought another powerful message in the evening service at the tabernacle. Today, Tony shared a sermon about three promises from the fulfillment of the Word from Isaiah 61. The promises were: 1.) The Promise of Fire – The purpose of fire is t0 burn away, to purify. God wants to “burn away” all of the sin in our lives so that we may be “purified” and ready to serve Him fully. 2.) The Promise of Freedom – God wants to purify us so that we may be free! He has given to us so that He can fill us again and and again. 3.) The Promise of Favor – The Lord wants to pour out His favor upon us. The Lord is asking us to pour out what He has given to us so that He can fill us again and again.

Sunday Menu.

Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs,Bacon, Toast(Martins Bread of course!!) cereal, baked oatmeal, Bananas

Lunch:  Creamed Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Peaches, Blondie

Dinner:  Sweet Bologna, Cheese, Gherkin Pickle, Chips, Apple Crisp, Ice Cream

Monday Ripples

Monday Highlights.

  • God has blessed us with some beautiful weather to start off our week of jubilee celebration!

What’s Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

Attendance: Morning  99, Afternoon 50.

In the morning session, Jay spoke on “Deception”.

He read from Genesis 11:1-9, where the individuals who were building the Tower of Babel thought they were pulling a fast one on God. First we see unity that may have started out good, but they were unified for the wrong purpose. Our purpose should be to serve and glorify God.

Next, conflict arose as the people tried to become God. The result is confusion and chaos sent by God. It forces the people to disperse throughout the Earth, which is what God’s original intent was for the people. Sometimes God uses roadblocks to remind us of his original call and plan for our lives.

God is not trying to deceive us and we can’t deceive him. But he will send situations to help us get back on the right path.

In the afternoon session we met in small groups to talk about mercy and grace. There are times in life where God will reveal and show His mercy to help nudge us along in the journey of maturing in Him. Sometimes we forget what God desires and what His will is, but we must not neglect continuing to stay fresh in the Word, spending time with him, so that we aren’t easily deceived. We’re not made for the naive life, instead we should grow in His reality and truth!

Jr. High Camp

Morning Attendance – 76 Afternoon Attendance- 85

This morning Ablaze led a time of corporate worship through several songs and set the tone for our morning lesson from Allen. It is a blessing to have a time of worship with the Jr high students and see many of them singing out, raising hands and experiencing God’s presence during our time together. 

Our lesson was based on “Let’s make a Deal” and how God wants the best for us but sometimes we are distracted by things that we think look better. In Psalm 50 we see that God gives us his best and that is better than the things that can catch our attention and cause us to lose focus on God’s best for us. 

In the afternoon we had a time of worship together and then we split into small groups and gave the students a chance to answer questions and talk through what God is teaching them today. The Ohio Christian Unversity camp team is very helpful and a real blessing to have them be willing to lead these small groups and speak into the lives of the students in their small groups. 

All Jr High students are welcome to join us after main tab tonight for some games and snacks in the Hemlock Lounge. 

Sunbeam Camp

Today’s Offering:               Boys: $ 62.72    Girls: $ 53.93 Total To Date:                    Boys: $ 185.66   Girls: $ 158.36 Grand Total To Date:   $ 344.02 Offering Project: NETwork Ministries Offering Goal: $6,000.00 Today’s Attendance:         AM: 182             PM: 183 Day 3 – Today’s sessions were filled with energetic singing, exploring 2 Bible stories, learning more commandments as well as OT and NT books of the Bible. We are preparing for our annual Sunbeam Carnival, which will be held Tuesday afternoon as part of the afternoon session and will be open until around 4:00/4:30pm. This event is for Sunbeamers 5 years through 5th graders. All children MUST attend the afternoon session to receive their wrist band. Session will be dismissed to the Carnival. Children should be signed out at the Carnival entrance by their camp guardian. More detailed information is posted on the Sunbeam Center window. See you tomorrow!!!

Sermon Summary.

Pastor Tony Rohrer spoke again this Monday Evening and brought another excellent message. His topic was the motives of the heart. He gave three questions to ask our hearts to test its purity. These questions were: 1.) How does my heart respond to conflict? – Am I too verbal or too passive? 2.) How does my heart respond to criticism? – What is my motive in giving criticism? 3.) How does my heart respond to success? – Where do I find success? Do I find it in my own actions, or in the Lord?

Monday Menu.

Breakfast:  Eggs/Sausage/Cheese sandwich, Hash Browns, Cereal, Cantaloupe

Lunch:  Ham Loaf, Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans, Watermelon, Cookie

Dinner:  Beef Barbeque, Tomatoes with dressing, or Carrots, chips, Apricot Applesauce

Tuesday Ripples

Tuesday Highlights.

  • This morning we had an awesome turn-out for our missions 5K!!! Great job to all of our participants in the event!

What’s Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

Attendance: Morning  100, Afternoon 45

In the morning session, Jay gave a message titled “He>We>Me”.

Together, we are greater than individually, but God is better than all of us. Yesterday we had looked at how unity can be unhealthy if the purpose is not God’s will. Today we looked at what a healthy unity is.

He focused on 1 Corinthians 12:12-26, with the following points:

1. Verses 12-13: We are “Uniquefied” meaning we are all unique, but we are unified by the blood of Jesus. So you may have your own unique identity or group, but we should all be united under the umbrella of a follower of Jesus Christ. Let’s stop fighting with each other and unify for Jesus.

2. Verses 14-20: We should recognize the value of all. We need to show love and compassion for everyone, including those who don’t know or trust in Jesus.

3. Verses 16 and 21 recognize that it’s ok to be different because God made us unique. But it’s not ok to devalue other people because they are different from us.

4. Verses 21-26 give the impact of our oneness, including the need to support each other, as well as the negative impact of saying we are Christians but then living for the world instead of Jesus.

In short, know your role. Know who you are and whose you are and the greater impact it has in the kingdom of God. What you do is significant, but your influence is greater with the team!

In the afternoon small group time we looked at the unity described in Ephesians 4:1-6. Often times we mix up our own personal expectations for that of what God desires. We are part of a greater team, the body of Christ, the bride, which is His church. It’s an incredible movement and should never be neglected. Be aware of personal selfish ambitions placed ahead of the team. Be aware, too, of what a team desires over the ways of God’s will. He knows what’s best for you…Follow him!

Jr. High Camp

Morning attendance – 85 Afternoon attendance – 82

This morning Allen spoke about being bound by sin and how if we let sin control us it will keep us from following Christ ourselves and make it difficult to point others to Christ. Christ offers freedom if we will focus on him rather than the many things that pop us and look enticing but are really just distractions.

In the afternoon we split into small groups and were able to speak with the students in smaller groups about what is holding us back or keeping us from following God completely. We then were able to play our annual game of water kickball. It is always fun watching people slip and slide on the tarps trying to get to base in time. 

We won’t be meeting Wednesday morning, but join us in the afternoon to learn a little about what God is doing in missions through two of the young ladies helping out this year. 

Sunbeam Camp

Tuesday stats:          Attendance: AM 227   PM 251 Offering:  Girls $ 96.42      Boys $ 106.02 Total to Date: $ 546.46 Day 4 – Carnival day!!! Of all camp days, this one is FILLED with anticipation. There will be more news tomorrow. We are all at the Carnival. NOTE: Sunbeamers will be approaching YOU for their annual Missions Day offering. This yearly tradition will begin when the sun comes up and continue until the sun goes down tomorrow, Missions Day.

Sermon Summary.

“Acorn Faith”

This evening, Pastor Tony Rohrer gave another powerful message. This time he used seeds to illustrate the idea of promises. The promise is in the seed. God wants to bless you but He works through the process of growing the seed. So what is the process, and what all does it entail? The Process – (Matthew 13:1-9) It takes a process for the seed to grow. It must first take root. Don’t give up on the job God has given to you. Failure serves a s stepping stone to success. The Weeds – (Matthew 13:24-30) The enemy may plant weeds in our lives, but we do not need to accept them as weeds (Romans 8:28). Learn how to grow with those weeds. The Small – (Matthew 13:31-33) Do not despise humble beginnings. Do not compare your seed with someone else’s. Your testimony is the way you live out your life; your tested story. You need to fertilize the seed! Do everything that you do to your very best ability! Aspire to always go above & beyond all the time.

Tuesday Menu.

Breakfast:  Pancakes, Bacon, Cereal, ,Mandarin Oranges

Lunch:  Tater Tot Casserole, Tossed Salad, Cantaloupe

Dinner:  Chicken Corn Soup, Cheese and Crackers, Fruit Cocktail, Brownie

Wednesday Ripples

Wednesday Highlights.

  • Today was Missions day at Roxbury Holiness Camp!!!
  • We raised over $250,000 for our missionaries!!!!!
  • All day we were blessed with beautiful worship by the praise team.

What’s Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp


Jr. High Camp

Afternoon – 66

Today we didn’t meet in the morning and encouraged the students to attend the Main Tab for missions day. We did meet in the afternoon and were blessed to be able to hear about some of the mission work that two young ladies who have been helping us out this week have been involved in over the past year. Valerie Mummau shared about working with BICWM’s STEP program in Spain this past year and Julie McFarland shared about working for 9 months with World Race through adventures in Missions. She was able to work in El Salvador, Malawi and the Phillipines. Hopefully this challenged the students to think and pray about where God may be leading each of them. 

 We are having a great week in the Jr Camp. Ablaze has been kicking off each session with a great time of worship and our speaker, Allen, has challenged us to constantly be chasing after God in all we do. We still have a lot of camp left so join us if you can for our sessions on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. 

Thursday we will meet at 10:30 and 1:30 in the Byers Conference Center for a time of worship and a lesson from scripture. Following our afternoon session we will be playing some water games so come dressed to get wet. 

Friday morning we will be going to Blue Mountain skating rink for some time together. We will meet at 8:30 at the Hemlock Pavilion and take a bus to the roller rink which is about 1 mile away from camp. Each student needs a release form signed by an adult to get on the bus. We wil spend a couple hours skating and return to camp to have lunch together in the Hemlock pavilion (Jr Highers only).  This is a free activity for all Jr Highers. You just need a release form. After lunch we will still be having our 1:30 session in the Byers Conference center. Please take note of the meeting time in the morning – 8:30 am at the Hemlock Pavilion. 

Sunbeam Camp

Today’s Offering:               Boys: $ 2,273.48        Girls: $ 2,445.04 Total To Date:                    Boys: $ 2,565.16   Girls: $ 2,699.82 Grand Total To Date:   $ 5,264.98 Offering Project: NETwork Ministries Offering Goal: $6,000.00 Today’s Attendance:         AM: 237             PM: 219   Day 5 – Missions day!!! We enjoyed our Missions Day sessions in which we were visited by many wonderful missionaries from all over the world who shared exciting stories with us. We also explored the BICWM African story for children Zulu, written by Doris Dube. And of course, we collected A LOT of money for our Missions Day money counters to add up. Thank you for giving toward our home missionary project NETwork Ministries of Chambersburg, PA.

Sermon Summary.

Special guest speaker Caleb Bislow spoke in the evening service for Missions day. He spoke on the life of Caleb from the book of Numbers (13:25-33 and 14:6-9; 25). God called the Israelites to take a risk. He called them to enter the land of the Canaan, which was also the land of Anak (Giants!) But only Caleb and Joshua were willing to enter the land and take that risk. In this story we can learn some valuable lessons from Calebs’ life: 1.) Avoiding grasshopper talk – often when God gives us a ridiculous dream (entering the land of giants) the people around us will try to deter us from pursuing that dream. They can do this by pointing out all of the negative possibilities, so we have to be careful to keep our focus on what God has called us to and not allow ourselves to be distracted by others opinions. 2.) Recognizing the power of God – While the Israelite’s focus was on the strength and number of the enemy, Caleb recognized the strength and superiority the Israelites had through God.

Wednesday Menu.

Breakfast:     Blueberry Baked Oatmeal, Hot or Cold Cereal, Donut/Muffin, Yogurt, and Banana Dinner:     Beef Loaf, Buttered Potatoes, Glazed Baby Carrots, Sliced Peaches, and Cookie Supper:     Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich, Coleslaw, Baby Carrots opt., Pears, Ice Cream

Thursday Ripples

Thursday Highlights.

  • The Tide Radio broadcast celebrated their 70th Anniversary with a cake and ice cream social for all of the guests this afternoon.
  • The group “Seven” from Messiah College provided us with some beautiful worship for our evening service.

What’s Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

Attendance: Morning  97, Afternoon 51

In the morning session, Jay gave a message titled “First Love”.

God’s love is agape, meaning it’s unconditional. It doesn’t just save you, it changes you. He spoke from Revelation 2:1-7, where Jesus convicts the Church at Ephesus of abandoning their love for him and tells them to remember when they first came to him and to repent.

The qualities for growth found in the passage are:

1. It’s not in your DISGUISE (v 2). You can look like a Christian, but if you haven’t dealt with what’s in your heart, you won’t grow in Christ.

2. It’s not found in your DOING or achievements (v 2-4). You are not rescued by your doings, you are rescued by your faith.

3. Double-take. When scripture says something twice, we should pay extra attention. Patiently enduring (vv2-3) and repenting (v5) are repeated.

4. It’s in your HEARING with your HEART (v7). Take time to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Don’t let the noise of the world drown out what the whisper of God is saying to you. Be sensitive with your heart. We need to be heart smart!

1 Corinthians 13:13 says three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.

In the afternoon small group discussions, we looked at Matthew 22:34-40 which tells us that loving God and loving others are the greatest commandments. A love for God with the entirety of who you are is only part of the equation. It also comes back to loving on people with a Godly attitude. It’s hard to love people that might not always love you back. But remember, just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

Jr. High Camp

Today was an amazing day with the Jr high camp. Allen challenged all the students to really consider what it means to follow Jesus. Are there things in our lives that we need to give up that are hindering our commitment to Him? In the afternoon we split into small groups to once again give the students a chance to ask questions and think through what God is teaching them this week. 

We also had a fun time with slippery dodge ball after our session. It may not have been the most competitive game of dodge ball but we had a lot of fun.

Sunbeam Camp


Sermon Notes.

This evening, special guest speaker, Jay Trainer (Teen Camp speaker) brought a message entitled Moments for Movements. His key passage was Matthew 14:22-33; the story of Jesus walking on the water to the disciples who were in the boat. He broke this story into three parts: The Situation, The Sayings, and Peter’s Spunk and Sinkage.

The Situation – (Matthew 14:22-25) The disciples encountered a storm. We also encounter life storms. But we do not have to be overcome by difficulty. We are made to be over comers.

The Sayings – (Matthew 14:27, 30-31) Jesus speaks into situations!

  • Courageous – “Take heart; it is I. Don’t be afraid.” (14:27) Part of bravery is acknowledging our weakness and moving forward in His strength.
  • Contagious – “Come”  (14:29)
  • Convicting – “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”(14:31) Conviction is not convenience. Conviction is a set of standards that may cost you something. Jesus calls us to give up all that we are for all that He is.

Peter’s Spunk and Sinkage – Peter jumped out in faith but became distracted by the waves and he reacted to them.

Staying Stuck – (Matthew 14:33) Our “Comfort” and “Safety” zones. The other 11 disciples found themselves stuck. But Peter on the other hand stepped out! When we step out of our boat of comfort, we open ourselves up to see the incredible movements of God! It’s time to move beyond the boat and comfort of self… Step out of the world of self and explore the more your’e made for!


Thursday Menu.

Breakfast:     Eggs, Bacon, Cheese on Rolls, Tater Tots, Hot or Cold Cereal, and Banana

Dinner:     Chicken Tenders (BBQ Sauce), Potato in Skin, Corn, and Brownie Blondie

Supper:     Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, Crackers, Tossed Salad w/ Dressing, Applesauce, Cookie

Friday Ripples

Friday Highlights.

  • Rain has befallen Roxbury Holiness Camp which means that the burn ban has been lifted for the camp!

What’s Happening at Camp?

Teen Camp

Attendance: Morning  82, Afternoon 61

In the morning session, Jay gave a message titled “Purity’s Pathway.”

He talked about what it means to be holy as God is holy, focusing on the gateways into our hearts or the ways we are exposed to things.

The ears and eyes are the entry point for exposure, as it says in Matthew 6:22-23. The mouth reveals attitude, which drives actions as written in Matthew 12:33-34, Matthew 7:16, and James 3:1-12. You control the tongue by filtering what you let yourself be exposed to.

To grow in God:

1. Our heart contains our PASSIONS.

2. Our mind contains our OPINIONS.

3. It’s not about correcting the OUTSIDE, it’s about controlling what gets INSIDE.

4. For growth, we need to go DEEPER.

5. Jesus transforms the WHOLE person! We need to spend time with God to strengthen our filters.

Purity begins in what you allow in through the filters of your eyes and ears, then flows into your mind and heart. It exposes your mind and heart to Godliness, THEN your fruit and what you produce is Godly, too.

In the afternoon small group time, we looked at hypocrisy written about in Romans 2:17-24. Purity is something that we are all called to live in and grow in as well. Hypocrisy was never intended for us to live under as a way of life. It’s time to move into a place of purity and authenticity before God and others. God redeems and transforms the entirety of a person, from the filters, to the heart, to the outward expression of it. Let’s move into this place of understanding and freedom!

Jr. High Camp

Today we started our day with some time at the roller rink hanging out and skating. Other than a few blisters on our feet it was a fun time together. Then this afternoon Allen described the importance of putting on the full armor of God and not settling for the enticing things the world throws at us. 

Tonight we will be having our annual super hero scavenger hunt. All middle schoolers can join us in Hemlock after the main tab and hunt down the many super heroes, minions, monkeys and even Elvis. 

Sunbeam Camp

Today’s Offering:               Boys: $ 370.93           Girls: $ 339.32

Total To Date:                    Boys: $ 3,068.07   Girls: $ 3,203.57

Grand Total To Date:   $ 6,271.64

Offering Project: NETwork Ministries

Offering Goal: $6,000.00

Today’s Attendance:         AM: 187             PM: 148

Day 7 – Today we raced past our missionary offering goal!!! Everyone was excited!

In addition to this, we have learned our 10 Commandments as well as OT and NT Books of the Bible. Our exciting Bible stories continue to show us people who did and did not follow commandments and what the result was. Our mysterious continued story is getting more and more exciting…

AND…….. our annual parade is always such fun! Thank you for coming out to cheer us on! Mrs B and driver Kelby Wildeson led the way with many creative entries following.


The Nursery children this year are talking about Heaven with the theme, “Somewhere in Outer Space.”  The children are enjoying their story time and crafts but get the most excited for snack time. 

We have a had a lot of young babies this year that takes more one on one attention than some other years but the Lord is providing volunteers and meeting our needs.  Saturday through Wednesday we had an average of 43 children in the morning sessions, an average of 18 in the afternoons, and an average of 34 children in the evenings.  Our highest attendance was Wednesday morning with 54 children.  Our lowest of 10 children was on the 1st Saturday afternoon.


Friday Menu.

Breakfast:     Pancakes, Sausage, Hot or Cold Cereal, and Mandarin Oranges

Dinner:     Chicken Fillet, Macaroni & Cheese, Tossed Salad, Peaches, and Cookie

Supper:     Vegetable Soup, Cheese & Crackers, Pickle, Fruit Cocktail, and Bread Pudding

Saturday Ripples

Saturday Menu.

Breakfast:     Egg Casserole/Bacon, Toast, Hot or Cold Cereal, and Grapefruit Sections Dinner:     Hamburger Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Peach Crisp Supper:     Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich w/ lettuce & Tomato, Potato Chips, Pickles, Pears, Cookie

Sunday Ripples


Sunday Menu.

Breakfast:     French Toast, Sausage, Hot or Cold Cereal, and Cantaloupe Dinner:     Lasagna, Tossed Salad w/ Dressing, Apricot Applesauce, and Pan Cookie Supper:     Sweet Bologna, Cheese, Pickle, Potato Chips, Carrot Sticks, Fruit Cocktail, and Ice Cream