Jeremy Spear

Executive Director

Jeremy directs all aspects of the camp’s ministry, prepares budgets and casts vision, which he’s been doing since 2011. He looks forward to continuing to lead the Roxbury team in serving people and sharing Christ’s love. He enjoys attending the services of the various groups and has found it to be spiritually encouraging—challenging him to study the scriptures to find the basis for his own faith.

Jeremy grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and went to Hobe Sound Bible College in Florida, where he met his wife Ronda. He knew they would get married the first time he saw her. After 28 years of marriage, he says it’s still her touch and her smile that he needs to have each day. Together they have been remodeling a 200-year-old house—a place for their three grown children, one daughter-in-law, and one grandson to visit.

Around the camp look for Jeremy in his bright blue golf cart or find him in the office. During the week of Camp Meeting, his favorite place to be is in the RV park early in the morning, smelling campfires from the night before, drinking coffee, and praying for the families at Camp.

Michelle Reese

Food Service Director

Michelle heads up a very important part of ministry here at Roxbury—food! She also helps plan special events and keeps the Commons beautifully decorated. Of course, you’ll find her most often in the kitchen, where she spends some very long days, especially during summer camp season. Chocolate frappuccino is the daily essential that keeps her going.

Michelle spent most of her childhood in Bolivia, South America where her parents were missionaries. She was saved at age four under a banana tree and later was baptized in the Manopari River. She came back to Pennsylvania to attend high school and college. It was in college where she met her husband, Dave. They have now been married 32 years, have four sons, and have just added a daughter-in-law. Michelle is looking forward to watching and visiting her sons as they transition into their adult lives.

Dale and Linda Winger

Hosts/Maintenance... And so much more

Dale and Linda have been busily keeping things humming here at Roxbury for the last 19 years. Together they serve as hosts of the Byers Conference Center, which entails lots of cleaning, laundry, fixing things, setting up, and putting away. Linda also handles all the reservations for the camp; while Dale handles the camp’s technical maintenance, such as sewer treatment, plumbing, electrical, and appliances. Linda can most often be found in the office, but Dale could be anywhere on the grounds. Linda’s favorite places at Roxbury are the prayer garden and prayer chapels.

Dale and Linda say that working at Roxbury has taught them to be better servants. Serving God and serving others has been a lifelong practice for them as they have served in ministry in Michigan, Africa, Kansas, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Pennsylvania. They began their journey together in the Michigan church where Linda grew up and Dale’s father had come to serve as pastor. Now married for 46 years, they have three married children and 6 grandchildren. The future will probably mean more time with their family as they can see an end to their formal work lives in the coming years.

Ray Heisey

Ray is on maintenance duty at Roxbury. To find him you better call his cell phone—he could be anywhere. Although his favorite spot on the grounds is his cabin (#46). He knows just about everything there is to know about the camp’s facilities—he was the director for 26 years and now after seven years he’s returned part time. During the winters, Ray and Mim, his wife of 46 years, plan to continue volunteering with ministries similar to Mennonite Disaster Service. This past winter they were in Florida. They also enjoy spending time with their family of four children (three married) and 9 grandchildren.

Ray grew up in the Hershey area and came to Roxbury Camp Meeting as a child. Throughout his life, he’s lived in Pennsylvania, Africa (Zambia and Mali), and New York (Catskills and New York City).

When asked what he needs each day, Ray reply is, “A little bit of coffee and a lot of Jesus.”