Camp Meeting Registration is now open!


Discussing the many myths of who, when, and how we are “Called” at Roxbury Camp Meeting 2024.

Camp Meeting Dates are August 2-11, 2024

All registrations must be made through the camp registrar; the camp office does not make any of the lodging reservations for Camp Meeting. 

Registration email and phone lines will not be monitored until early March and no reservation requests will be processes prior to March 15. Please pray for all of the volunteers who make Camp Meeting possible and remember that they are volunteers when you interact with them.

Fill out your Registration information by clicking the link below that applies to you:

Cabin Owners Use this form!

Those looking to book rentals should click here!

Contact the Camp Meeting Registration team by calling 717-347-5545 or emailing

Part of life following Jesus is following his example of love and service. Acting as a servant is part of the essence of Camp Meeting. When each of the more than 1,200 people who attend this event envision the gathering, serving should be a part of that vision! Our grandparents and theirs founded this camp as a cooperative effort to provide the opportunity for gathering, worship, fellowship, and service.

For Camp Meeting to continue to be healthy and strong your service is essential. Below is the link to the volunteer form for meals at Camp Meeting. If each person would commit to one meal in the service line, dish room, or dining hall all the slots would be filled easily. Service is an essential part of Camp Meeting and your part of that is not only needed, but required.

In John 13:15, Jesus sets an example for us to follow. After washing His disciples’ feet — an act of love, humility, and service — He encourages us to follow His lead and serve one another. “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you,” Jesus says.

For yourselves and for your brothers & sisters in Christ who are celebrating alongside you at Camp Meeting please click the link and sign up to do your part below.

I will do my part to serve!