Celebrating Paul Markel

God puts people into our lives that help shape who we are and what we become. Paul Markel was one of those life-shaping people for his family and friends, for the many co-workers he mentored at the phone company, and for Roxbury Camp. It takes dedicated men and women to grow a camp and we are grateful that Paul was one of the dedicated men God sent to Roxbury Camp.

Paul, and his wife, Nancy, enjoyed their time at Roxbury Camp as much as the Camp benefited from having them here. The couple was not to be found at their Elizabethville home during the months of July and most of August. Instead they were at their cabin, where Paul was willing to help out where ever was needed.

Whether it was Senior Day, Camp Meeting in the Tabernacle, or even for the several Ladies’ events that occur at the camp, Paul was always willing to help out with sound and make sure the message of the Gospel was able to be heard by all. As was his habit at the phone company, Paul not only worked with the sound crew, but mentored those who to this day serve the needs of the camp. Despite his quiet personality, Paul touched many lives through words and actions. Those who knew him best here at camp tell of funny experiences shared and honor him with the observation that, “He cared about people.”

His being a member of a party of people to witness an incident with the leaf bucket while trying to fix something at the camp secured the first lift truck at the camp. Paul’s son in law was not willing to see him or the other staff and volunteers in such precarious situations, so he has kept the camp supplied with that important piece of equipment. So Paul’s willingness to help had not only an effect in the immediate but lasts to this day.

We are blessed to have traveled part of Paul’s journey alongside him and are so grateful he made Roxbury Camp his home away from home. Generations will benefit from the time and energy Paul invested here. We are sure God has greeted Paul with the admonition from the book of Matthew, “Well done.”

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