Elementary Camp – Final Ripples

Thank you for all your help and support this week.  We had a wonderful week with your children.  We learned about Mrs. B’s trip with Miss Maggie, Miss Juanita, and Miss Jen to New Mexico to visit Betsy Shetterly and learn about her work with the Navajo.  We heard about George Mueller and how he trusted God for everything.  He never once asked a man for help or money but trusted God to supply all the needs for up to 2000 orphans! Mrs B told us Bible stories about Ruth, Paul, Stephen and many more.

Our offering goal this year was $5000.  Thanks to you and your generous children, we made our goal!! This morning the girls brought in $66.45 and the boys brought in $67.80! We passed our goal by $57.58!! Praise God for His faithfulness!