Getting ready for drywall

Work on the new Roxbury lodge is progressing, as plumbing and electrical are completed and ready for inspection. The 11 rooms are getting ready to receive drywall. The same is true for walls dividing the lower level meeting area from the kitchen, storage and sound booth areas.

Decisions are being made on flooring, paint and counter tops for the rooms as well as treatments for the meeting area and kitchen. Michelle has been handing out specifics for the kitchen equipment and we are working to out fit the commercial kitchen accordingly.

Keep your eyes out for new pictures of the progress on the interior in the coming weeks.

A shot from the front of the new lodge building. Stairs, a ramp and landscaping all yet to come.





The next two photos are of work happening in the meeting room area and kitchen. Those blue boxes on the walls represent the really large TVs that will be the cornerstone of the visual productions in this room. They don’t look so big from the back of the room, but they are huge.

In the kitchen, measurements are being made for ovens, ranges, tilt skillets, warmers, refrigerators and dishwashers. We may even have some room for the cook when it’s completed, but not much.

This last picture has you standing in the corner of one of the south side rooms looking into what will be the bathrooms. Each room has a shower and a bathtub. The sink will be located outside of the bathroom proper to accommodate the maximum number of people getting ready at one time.