Romance at Roxbury – Couples Retreat

February 17th, 2023 5pm – February 19th, 2023  |  Byers Conference Center and Hawbaker Legacy Retreat Center @ Roxbury Holiness Camp


the ability to withstand pressure without breaking.

Romance @ Roxbury 2023 is shaping up to be a great event. We are prepping for a wonderful Romantic Dinner on Saturday night. Tokens are being prepared for our couples. Prayer Warriors have taken up the call and are praying for the attendees. And Andy Farmer is preparing to speak on Resilience.


The weekend is going to focus on helping you and your spouse develop resilient marriages – no matter where you find yourself right now. We’re going to look at four resilience factors that can help you deal with the pressures and stresses on your marriage without breaking and without losing the Gospel shape God is intending for it. These are not massive changes you need to make to get things right. They are Biblical principles that can support each other through every season of life.

Session Topics:

  • The oil of meaningful encouragement
  • The fine tuning of gracious correction
  • The safety of wise arguments
  • The restorative power of confession and forgiveness

Romance @ Roxbury space is limited, so please register early. We have many fun and exciting things planned, and in order to accomplish everything in time we need to close registrations on February 1st. Don’t hesitate to tell that person you were thinking of inviting!

To register please click the link here.

We will be sending out an email with additional information after you’ve registered, but please feel free to call the office (717) 532-2208 with any questions.


Some memories from Romance @ Roxbury 2022: