Roxbury Ripples Volume 1

Saturday, August 3, 2019 – Sunday, August 4, 2019
Saturday Morning – 51 students, 6 adults
Saturday Afternoon – 50 students, 9 adults
Sunday Morning – 53 Students, 8 adults
Sunday Afternoon – 54 Students, 8 adults
We are excited for another year of Jr Camp here at Roxbury. We are joining the camp with the theme of “All In” and exploring with the students what a life lived “All In” with Christ can be. If you are going into grades 6-8 join us each day as we search the Word of God to learn how to give every aspect of our lives to Jesus Christ.
For our first day on Saturday, Allen used a box, and a little help from Dwight, to show that when we put everything else in the box before Jesus there is no room left for Him in our lives. In our afternoon session we spent our time playing games to get to know each other. Roxbury is first and foremost a camp to experience God, but we also desire to see lifelong friendships begin here.
Beginning Sunday, and continuing throughout the week, Allen will be speaking in the morning sessions and then in the afternoons we will be answering questions and playing games to see what we remember from the sessions- both from Jr camp and from the evening Main Tab times. This can be a time to ask questions about the things you may not have understood or just want more information about, and a fun time to compete and further our understanding of God’s Word.
Monday night we will be playing a variation of our Super Hero Scavenger Hunt for our Late Night Activity after Main Tab. Join us in Sunbeam within about 15 minutes of the Main Tab session ending to participate.
We are also anticipating a great time at the Shippensburg Memorial pool on Tuesday afternoon. It is free to go, but you can not get on the bus to go along without a signed permission slip. Permission slips are available in Sunbeam and on the table next to the information booth.
Junior High Ripples Volume 2
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
It is the end of Missions Day here at Roxbury this year, and as I sit here watching a movie with the Jr Camp in Sunbeam I am reminded of our theme this year as a camp – All In. We have been challenged to go deeper, to trust Jesus more and know God more through his Word and through taking small steps of faith. That is my prayer, both for me to know God more and for the students to go All In. Looking at our students here on Missions Day makes me wonder – how many and who is God calling into missions? Who is God calling to go around the world? Who is God calling to serve him in the local church? Who is God calling to speak to and show love to their neighbor? Pray for our young people and that their heart’s are sensitive to God’s calling – pray that your own heart is sensitive to God’s guidance. If we are a people of prayer as Larry Locke challenged us on Tuesday, then I believe this camp meeting can be the beginning of the Holy Spirit moving to change the world. It starts with me, you, us seeking God through prayer.
In Jr camp we have had lot’s of fun with games, a trip to the pool and getting to know each other better; but we pray that each student is being challenged by the lessons during our sessions to go All In. Join us Thursday morning for a session with worship, prayer and a time to answer questions you may have about the previous lessons. Then be sure to join us in the afternoon as we learn a little about missions and hear from a missionary currently serving God by taking his Word to those who don’t know him.
On Thursday afternoon join us right after the afternoon session for water games on the tarp in the big field. You don’t want to miss anything here at Jr Camp.
On Friday we will have our sessions at 10:30 a and 1:30 p and then a late night game after the Main Tab service. Stop by Sunbeam if you have any questions or want more info. If you’re in middle school, you don’t want to miss a thing at Jr. Camp!