August 1 Newsline
Camp Meeting 2020 has started well.  Friday evening we had worship with the Dubbeld Family.  God’s spirit was in the place as they led us into His presence through song.
The schedule is different this year.  There are only two meals per day.  Brunch from 9:00 – 10:30 and Dinner from 4:00 – 5:30.  Michelle and Cathy Jo are doing an excellent job feeding everyone amazing meals.  Tonight is baked Chicken Quarters and a bunch of sides.
Also there are two services in the Main Tabernacle.  11 Am and 7 Pm.  Alan Robinson, the BIC National Director is speaking in both services Saturday and Sunday Evening.  Alan spoke in the morning session about 20/20 vision and “Focus.”  He challenged us in part to get off of “auto” focus and to manually focus our thoughts on God’s direction for us.  (Often we just go on autopilot and need to make ourselves focus on God’s will.)
Kids Camp today had a Chalk artist teach the kids through a chalk drawing in the morning and then taught the kids how to use chalk to draw with in the afternoon session.  There were approx. 50 elementary kids in attendance.
Junior High Camp is meeting in the Sunbeam center under the leadership of Jason, Dwight, Julie and Alan.
High School Camp is meeting the the Hawbaker Legacy Retreat Center and has Pastor Tyler Bryan as the speaker this year.  He will be sharing with the students lessons from Abraham.  We are excited to have Tyler speak into the students lives, and know that that program is is good hands with Tammy and her crew leading.  A thanks to Ohio Christian University for sending a team of students to work with our teens.  for information on this great Christian University, click this link.  Ohio Christian
Young Adult Camp is meeting in the Byers Conference Center.  This morning they had 25 young adults gather to fellowship and hear Pastor Dave Gettel share insights from Gods Word.