Volunteer Crew Tops Off BCC East Refresh

Nothing seems to be easy when you are looking to make changes to a whole wing of a building. One of the things that we thought we could pull off without much challenge was new bedspreads. We were mistaken. The bedspreads came in and being of a more modern sizing were far too long for our beds. Volunteers to the rescue.

Linda Winger and Ruth Lehman tried to sew the heavy covers, but several broken needles later a better solution needed to be found. Linda borrowed a serger, but realized it doesn’t work the same way as a regular sewing machine and she needed some help. She went to local seamstress Sylvia Hock who not only helped out by taking on some of the 35+ bedspreads that needed to be adjusted, but loaned the team of volunteers her serger and gave a tutorial on how to use it.

That team of volunteers, Mim Heisey, Doris Lehman, Joy Sider, Deb Stayman, Terry Newcomer, Ruth Lehman, and Linda Winger joined by their “right hand man” Keith Sider cut and sewed all of the bedspreads in time for our first group to use the newly refreshed wing.

A huge thanks for all their time and effort!