We come to Camp Meeting to connect to God in a new way. This year our theme is ALL IN and we are hoping that you are willing to go All In at Camp Meeting by not only attending with your families, but also serving. No matter how much time you have to give, there is a place that your skills can be used.

Food Service: Please consider volunteering for 1-2 meals. The commitment would be about 2 hours per meal and would be suited to your skill level. 

Custodial: All the restrooms that are used throughout the 10 days of camp need to be cleaned and stocked everyday. Can you help out and commit 2-3 hours on one of the days of Camp Meeting to keep things going?

Grounds: Keeping the camp mowed and the weeds at bay is a constant process. If you have a couple hours to commit to weed wacking or mowing during camp meeting it would be a great help!

Please respond by pressing the volunteer button and letting us know you would like to help out. We will be in touch to see where you can best fit in! 

To volunteer for this position please click the button and fill out the form and we will be in touch!